Royalway Weight Loss Clinic

Royalway Weight Loss Programme is researched and developed by Mr. Lokendra Tomar, founder director of Royal Way Dietary Supplements Private Limited (formerly known as Chiral Parmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.). Mr. Lokendra Tomar is a Pharmacist, Dietician, Naturopath, Author and an Entrepreneur. His vision, creativity, innovation and knowledge are providing a different direction to people of our country to achieve disease free life.

Mr. Lokendra Tomar after completing his bachelor in pharmacy from RGVHS Bangalore in 2001, started working in marketing department of a top ranked Pharmaceutical Company selling Cardiac & Diabetic drugs to big hospitals in Bangalore. After working there for 3 years, in the year 2004, he started his own Pharmaceutical Company and launched few products in gynae segment selling drugs to gynecologist for pregnant patients.

Mr. Lokendra Tomar has always been fond of reading lots of books on different subject like Marketing, Selling, Finance, and Investment etc. so that he could grow his business. This reading habit lead to accidental discovery of "Royalway Weight Loss Programme" when Mr. Lokendra Tomar's own wife (after giving birth to a daughter) was trying to reduce weight but could not do so even after trying all sorts of methods like Gym, Aerobics, Mechanical vibrator etc. This was the time when Mr. Lokendra Tomar started reading whole lot of stuff & books (new & old) on food and found some eye opening facts & truths about food. Being associated with the medical system for years, he found to his surprise that there are many diseases like obesity, diabetes, B.P etc which can not be treated with the help of medicines. Infact theses diseases can only be treated with the help of food and food supplements. He treated his own wife and help her loosing 10 kg weight in just the spam of 2 months. He treated his mother-in-law and brought her triglyceride to normal in just 30 days. He started giving consultation to his relatives and friends and started treating their diseases with the help of food and food supplements.

After 3-4 years of extensive study, research and clinical experience, Mr. Lokendra Tomar finally developed Royalway Weight Loss Programme in the year 2010. Initially he targeted the Gyms for selling the concept; however he could not succeed because the Gym owners were afraid of losing business if their clients could reduce weight with the help of only food and food supplements. Then he approached Doctors, Physicians, Cardiologist, Diadetologist, Orthopaedician, and Gynecologist where his concept was greatly appreciated and Royalway got its initial set of clients from these doctors. The concept was so healthy and result oriented that number of clients started multiplying and exceeded 200 in just a spam of 7 months. All this happened only by word of mouth, without any advertisement. Soon he found himself giving Corporate Seminars and Public Seminars for educating people of our country on the subject food and helping them not only reduce their weight but also to lead a happy and disease free life.