Vacuum Therapy

Using high-frequency Radio Frequency and vacuum technology combined, direct access is significantly increased to the deeper fat cells, bringing fat cells to a fast-active state from the production of localised heat, so that effective blood circulation occurs. This increased localised blood circulation within the dermis aims to tighten the sagging or loose skin due to the normal effects of ageing. Your skin will have its elasticity improved aided by an increased metabolic activity. Then through the sweat glands and lymphatic system the excess fat and toxins are excreted out of the body. This aims to further dissolve fat cells, strengthening the integrity of cells mitochondria, enhancing blood and lymph circulation with metabolism benefits.

Benefits of Vacuum Therapy

Weight loss-

The vacuum creates a low atmospheric pressure, increasing the blood supply and circulation to the cellulite and fat prone areas of the lower body. Thanks to this increase in blood circulation, fats are able to be transported from fat cells into the working muscles where they can be burnt off. This increased supply of blood, nutrition and oxygen to the lower body, while exercising the muscles, results in higher metabolism, cell activity and faster fat burning.

Cellulite Reduction-

The sub-atmospheric pressure, created by the vacuum, not only activates the metabolism of fats, but also the lymphatic system, which ensures better removal of metabolic waste products. Stronger blood circulation to the skin and an enriched supply of oxygen, vitamins, minerals and enzymes act positively against orange peel skin. Long-term studies on women with a predisposition to cellulite and fat have not only shown the durability of the results achieved from vacuum therapy, but, as an added bonus in many cases, formative tissue in the affected areas has regenerated- turning back the skin's biological clock by up to 10 years.

Additional benefits of vacuum
1. Improves circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage
2. Reduced appearance of cellulite
3. Increased metabolism
4. Burns fat faster
5. Promotes positive mood
6. Improves body profile
7. Tones and smooths skin
Recommendations for Maximum Results
Impact therapy of a minimum of 20 sessions (3 times a week) over the course of a 6 week period in order to "kick start" the metabolism into action. Results are generally already visible after 10 applications (although in some cases weight and centimetre loss may not occur immediately, skin appears to be smoother). Exercise under vacuum therapy takes only 30 minutes, but this is sufficient. Under normal circumstances fat is burned in muscles only after 20-30 minutes of exercise. Under vacuum therapy this time is decreased by one third. Whilst exercising under vacuum therapy ensure that you exercise in the aerobic band (approx 65% of your maximum heart rate), this is important because at this pulse rate consumption is fuelled by 80% fats and only 20% sugars/carbohydrates.
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Exploring channeling optimized radiofrequ-ency energy:
a review of radiofrequency history and applications in esthetic fields. Belenky I, Margulis A, Elman M, Bar-Yosef U, Paun SD. "Clinical Department, Viora, Inc., Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA.
Because of its high efficiency and safety, radiofrequency (RF) energy is widely used in the dermatological field for heating biological tissue in various esthetic applications, including skin tightening, skin lifting, body contouring, and cellulite reduction. This paper reviews the literature on the use of nonablative RF energy in the esthetic field and its scientific background. The purpose of this article is to describe in detail the extensive use of medical devices based on RF technology, the development of these medical devices over the years, and recent developments and trends in RF technology.
The authors conducted a systematic search of publications that address safety and efficacy issues, technical system specifications, and clinical techniques. Finally, the authors focused on their own clinical experiences with the use of patented Channeling Optimized RF Energy technique and mechanical massage. An in-vivo study was conducted in domestic pigs, with a thermal video camera. Twenty-seven female patients participated in a cellulite and body shaping study. The treatments were conducted according to a three-phase protocol. An additional 16 females participated in a skin tightening case study. All of the patients underwent three treatment sessions at 3-week intervals, each according to a protocol specific to the area being treated.
The review of the literature on RF-based systems revealed that these systems are safe, with low risks for potential side effects, and effective for cellulite, body contouring, and skin tightening procedures. The in-vivo measurements confirmed the theory that the penetration depth of RF is an inverse function of its frequency, and using a vacuum mechanism makes an additional contribution to the RF energy penetration. The heating effect of RF was also found to increase blood circulation and to induce collagen remodeling. The results from the cellulite and body shaping treatments showed an overall average improvement of 55% in the appearance of cellulite, with an average circumferential reduction of 3.31 cm in the buttocks, 2.94 cm in the thighs, and 2.14 cm in the abdomen. The results from the skin tightening procedure showed moderate improvement of skin appearance in 50% and significant improvement in 31%. At the follow-up visits the results were found to be sustained without any significant side effects.
Of all tissue heating techniques, RF-based technologies appear to be the most established and clinically proven. The design and specifications of the described vacuum assisted bipolar RF device fall within the range of the specifications currently prescribed for esthetic, nonablative RF systems.