1. What is hormonal balancing method?

There are about 6oo hormones in our body. Out of them 4 are mainly responsible for weight gain. These four hormones are called as obesity quartet:-

  1. Insulin.
  2. Estrogen.
  3. Thyroid.
  4. Cortisol.

Imbalance in hormone starts from imbalance in intake of food and nutrients. These nutrients are part of metabolic process. Lack of nutrients in our body leads to metabolic imbalance. Metabolic imbalance leadsto hormonal imbalance and hormonal imbalance further leads to weight gain and diseases. Weight can easily be reduced if hormones as balanced with the help of food and nutrition therapy.

How to understand which hormone is imbalanced?
This can be done with the help of following three methods.

  1. Body shape
  2. Clinical symptoms
  3. Blood test

Body shape is a very clearindicator of hormonal imbalance.

Insulin imbalance person will have Round pot belly
Estrogen imbalance person will have big size hips and thighs
Thyroid imbalance Round tyre on belly
Cortisol imbalance Loose and hanging belly

Body pattern of a person may indicate imbalance of two or more hormones.First your pattern will be understood and then a weight loss plan will be designed for you.
Once you start following the plan, you will see weight loss happening in just 48 hours.

Average weight loss speed which we achieve in our clinical practice is:-

3- 4 kgs  15 days
8-10 kgs 3 Months
20-30 kgs 1 year

Success rate is very high with hormonal balancing method

80% with female 90% with males




2. What is the role of food supplements?

In order to understand the role of food supplements, let's understand the role of food in our body. Food provides energy and raw material to the body. Energy is utilized for our daily activists and raw material is used for body re-development.

We replace our skin and bones in every 3 months, blood in every 4 months, Liver in every 6 months and we get a new body every year. You are a new person on your every birth day. For this re-development to happen, our body requires raw material i.e. Fat, Protein, Vitamins, minerals and enzymes which are provided by Food.

When we cook or process any food, it kills 80% to 90% of vitamin and minerals. This food is called as dead food. This dead food requires vitamins and minerals for its metabolism as it does not have any of its own. Therefore it steals the required vitamins and minerals from our body. Continuous stealing from our body creates a deficiency of vitamins and minerals which leads to metabolic imbalance. Metabolic imbalance leads to hormonal imbalance which further leads to obesity.

As name suggests, food supplements are extracted from food. Food supplement provides the required vitamins and minerals for the metabolic system of our body. Weight loss becomes easy, when body is having all the required vitamins and minerals.

Start your weight loss journey.



3. Are there any side effects of Royalway Weight Loss Program?

No, there are no side effects because we do not use any drug for weight loss. We use only food supplements. Drugs may have side effects however food supplement do not have any side effects.

This will become clear if you know the function food supplements and drugs. Drug attaches to the receptors on the cell surface and starts a chain of chemical reactions inside the cell. Some of these chemical reactions are required for therapeutic benefit but most of them are not required. These unwanted reactions are called side effects.

Drug bound to have some unwanted reactions whereas food supplements are part of a running metabolic reaction. Food Supplements are not capable of starting any chemical reactions on their own but can only help the reactions already happening inside the body. When you take Food Supplements from outside, the body consumes the required amount and the excess if any, is automatically excreted out of the body through urine. Hence Food Supplements do not have any side effects.



4. Do we need to do Dieting or eat less?

No, we do not follow any caloric restriction.

Royalway weight loss program is based on metabolic correction and hormonal balancing. Hence combination and composition of food is more important than quantity of food. Once you start the program, you will eat same amount of calories but your weight will still reduce because your body will be in fat burning mode.

For example:- Insulin and glucagon are two hormones. Insulin deposits fat in the body whereas glucagon burns fat. If we eat food which decreases insulin and increases glucagon, weight can be reduced without any calorie restriction. Once you start the program, weight loss starts in just 48 hours. Therefore there is no need to count calories.

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5. Do we need to do heavy exercise?


As you know Royalway weight loss program is based on metabolic correction and hormonal balancing, hence role of exercise in minimum. Let's understand more about exercise. Exercise cannot be a complete weight loss plan because exercise can burn fat only for 30-40 minutes. Rest of the day, you store fat because your body is not in fat burning mode. In order to convert the body metabolism into fat burning mode, we need to understand the role of hormones. When you follow the plan, exercise is like icing on cake.



6. I keep travelling mostly. Can I reduce weight?

Yes, you can.

Normally people are afraid that they have to eat certain type of food, in a certain quantity, at a certain time, if they want to reduce weight. However this is not the case with Royalway. Of course there would be some discipline in your eating habits but moreover the plan can be easily followed while travelling also.

For the metabolic correction we need to go for a concept of food plan not for a particular food. Suppose a patient of PCOD wants to lose weight. PCOD is a result of Insulin and Estrogen hormone imbalance. In order to balance these two hormones, food rich in sugar and carbohydrate have to be avoided. So you can select egg omelet instead of cornflakes and milk for your breakfast.

Even if you are travelling, you can choose food as per your body pattern. Travelling is not a problem. You can reduce weight just by making easy choices.

Start you wt loss journey



7. I am a Non Vegetarian.Can I reduce weight?

Yes, you can.

The good news is that Non-Veg food is even better for weight loss. Let's understand how? Thyroid gland which produces thyroid hormone is the master regulator of metabolism. The main role of thyroid gland is to maintain temperature of our body. Our ideal body temperature is 98.6F. If your temperature remains below 98F in the morning at 6 am, it means your thyroid gland is not working properly. In simple terms, if you try to cook food on slow flame, it will take longer time.

Similarly if your body temperature is low, it means your metabolic reactions are running slow. You will experience symptoms like - low energy, dry skin, constipation, low BP etc. For improving thyroid function, you need to have food which helps in increasing body temperature. Non-Veg food is a thermogenic food which generates heat in the body and helps in weight loss.



8. Is it permanent weight loss?

There are billions of people on this planet and you are unique among them. No one is having similar genetic composition as you are having. This means your food composition should also be unique. Royalway weight loss program is an educational program where you will understand:- What kind of body pattern you have? What kind of food is good for your body pattern? What makes you feel good? What makes you feel bad?

Once you understand your body and food suitable for your body and follow the discipline, you will never regain again. Knowledge is the key for permanent weight loss. We will provide the required knowledge and it is easy to make decision thereafter.