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NutroActive Lipolyzer Weight Loss Shake
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Packaging - Jar

Quantity - 450 gm

Concern - Weight Loss

Flavour - Chocolate

Veg/ Non Veg - Veg

Excess intake of carbohydrate in food leads to weight gain. The body consumes the required amount of carbohydrate for energy and the extra carbohydrate is stored as fat in fat cells under the influence of insulin hormone. For effective weight reduction, carbohydrate intake should be reduced and protein intake should be increased. Carbohydrates and protein provides equal number of calories per gram (4 kcal/gm). Preparations containing high carbohydrates and low protein are less effective for weight loss while preparations containing low carbohydrates and high protein are more effective for weight loss. Lipolyzer Weight Loss Shake is a low carbohydrate and high protein readymade formula containing 37 nutrients along with necessary fat burning ingredients called as lipotropic agents. It provides all the necessary ingredients needed for weight reduction. Replacing meal with a readymade formula is proven safe from more than 75 years, even astronauts in space uses readymade formula for long survival in space. Disclaimer: This product is a dietary supplement, not a drug. Hence it is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.